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Jack Simony’s Enduring Success in Finance and Philanthropy

Jack Simony is a successful entrepreneur who holds a positive force in finance and philanthropy. Jack Simony has a diverse educational background where he graduated with a DFS from Oxford University Business school and received a B.A. from the City University of New York. He also holds an MBA from Hautes Etudes Commercial de Paris. …

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In “Understanding Business Procurement“, Jack Simony defines and explains the process of business procurement. In this post, the areas of tendering, vendor management and strategic purchasing are well covered. Jack also covers the responsibilities of a procurement officer. Read more on the Jack Simony Negotiation and Corporate Skills Blog. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

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In Six Leadership Styles That Build Great Teams, Jack Simony explains that according to Harvard Business Review, six leadership styles are present in every workplace. Ideally, each leader should move through each of the styles as situations dictate. This research is contrary to the accepted notion that leadership is like a personality type. Unlike personality, leader …

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