Jack Simony is a successful entrepreneur who holds a positive force in finance and philanthropy. Jack Simony has a diverse educational background where he graduated with a DFS from Oxford University Business school and received a B.A. from the City University of New York. He also holds an MBA from Hautes Etudes Commercial de Paris. With his success, he established several financial services companies. Whitehaven Financial Group is a recognized litigation finance firm located in NYC built in 2001 where he served as the Chief Executive Officer of the company until 2008.

Before co-founding the Whitehaven Financial Group, he was a partner with the Knightsbridge Equities, a trading company offering capital and technology to professional traders, hedge funds, and family offices. Simony is a well-respected entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in the field of litigation finance. Adding to his immense expertise in financial, he is a certified expert in the field of fraud prevention. He is currently the chairman of the leading provider of Negotiation Institute which provides students with training to build strong leaders, capable teams, and optimized organizational effectiveness within companies around the world.

As time progressed, Simony created a modernized institution utilizing technological advances. He developed webinars, innovative and interactive content and e-delivery systems. The Institute evolved from providing students with executive skill training and later turned into a conference-development division that hosted award events. The Women In the Art of Negotiation Summit and The Art of Negotiation for Real Estate was award-winning conferences.

Jack Simony currently holds the position as a Trustee for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and served a three-year term as the UN representative for Human Rights Advocates International. In addition, Mr. Simony is currently a senior advisor for the Ashcroft Law Firm. He is a member of The Army and Navy Club in Washington D.C., the New York Athletic Club in New York City and an active advocate of some philanthropic organizations.

Jack Simony was selected as a keynote speaker to speak at The Shorex Wealth Management Forum Singapore 2011. Shorex is the world leaders in preparing wealth conferences for individuals with high net worth and institutional investors along with qualified investors invited by Shorex private bank. Simony provided a statement to PR Newswire in gratitude of being selected as a keynote speaker for The Shorex Forum: Litigation Finance is a unique and dynamic investment category that directly combines the investment management and legal professions,” said Simony. “I have been involved with this field for most of my career, and have developed a deep appreciation for its potential to generate superior absolute returns that are truly non-correlated with traditional asset classes. I’m honored to be participating in this year’s Shorex forum and look forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with this audience.

With his reputation of continuing success, presently Jack Simony is the CEO of DVG Capital and before that he worked as a portfolio manager at Centurion/Platinum funds, a New York-based company that invests in asset-based strategies through a managed account platform. The firm concentrates on standard ways of financing that includes litigation funding, warehouse loans to consumer finance companies, secured trade financing, and debt instruments. Jack Simony is a talented businessman who has achieved long-term success and recognition in the financial services industry. He impacted society with his contributions and persistent dedication by providing individuals with financial solutions.

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